I took Megabus for a girls weekend. We Traveled from Pittsburgh, PA to Washington, DC on a Friday and returned to Pittsburgh Monday.

The start of my trip I sat on my suitcase outside the Convention Center, which is a covered megabus  stop, waiting for the bus. There were some other passengers that made me nervous and I was happy when my friends showed up. We reserved seats on the second level of the doubt decker bus in the front. The seats were numbered and had seat belts. There weren’t very comfortable and were covered in plastic material, only the reserved seats were this way the other seats appears to be cloth, and you kinda slid around on the seat. We stopped at WVU to pick up and drop off. The bus never filled up. We stopped at a rest stop in Maryland that had a gas station and Arby’s, there was a stop down the road with more options and this rest stop was lacking.

Arriving in DC at Union Station went well. I picked up my bag and we headed inside and meet our friend.

The trip back the bus was nearly empty an we all had our own row. We stopped at the same lacking rest stop. But overall uneventful.

The bus on the way to DC was cold soon cold the drive put duct tape over some of the outlets, which didn’t really help (thought that counts though lol).

The DC Megabus staff seemed rude, we were waling away from the bus and staff opened another bus door and almost hit me in the face and then we had to walk all the way around.

Upon boarding the bus from DC to Pittsburgh we had no line , we noticed the above window was shattered. I was afraid if we hit a bump glass would rain down everywhere ( I didn’t move my seat because my chronic brokeness made a lawsuit sound like a great idea lol). Well it held up.

Overall it wasn’t terrible, we arrived safe and on time and no one died. For the price we paid I say it went well.