Since being relaxer free over the past 4 years I thought I was able to color my hair as often as I wished, any color I choose. I thought only one chemical so my hair will be fine. In the summer of 2015 I said “bleach, why not ? I can probably obtain a vibrant blond I want” I did obtain that color but at a cost.

It was the first time and only time bleaching my hair and it turned out okay once i added the color over the bleach job. It was a lot of processing to the hair and I noticed my texture loosened in the front, the only place I bleached. Well I went ahead with life enjoying my color and all and come fall I wanted a protective style. I put in yarn braids per usual and loved them. Upon taking them out I had a lot of thinning and breaking in the front of my hair it was also brittle and dry. UGH- Not again I refuse to do another big chop.

I followed the advice of a stylist and covered my hair a darker color, he said it would stop the breakage to go darker or closer to my natural color and I did, but breakage continued. I used protective styles to grow my hair out and cut the damaged ends as it grew. However it was still thin in spots.

Recently I purchased Proclaim color repair shampoo and conditioner and it seems to be helping, along with gentle care and TLC.

I will never bleach my hair again and won’t recommend it, my hair is still colored but now I use semi-permanent rather than more harsh colorants.