I never cared about my hair porosity, because for what ? lol. Just another way to type hair, so i thought. However I noticed product sits on my hair not in it and no matter how much I washed it was never really clean and my scalp was always all goopy, I don’t know how hair grew under these circumstances but it did. I did a porosity test and learned I had low porosity hair, meaning it was difficult to open the pores to let product and moisture in but once in it stayed… FOREVA. I found that a clarifying shampoo would be best to clean my hair, and after 30 min in Target I found it and it worked. I also learned I needed heat to open up my pores when conditioning my hair. My hair feels and looks so much better now that I properly care for it. It has come in thicker and longer. So testing your hair’s porosity isn’t a waste of time after all.