Hair Typing; My opinion

I think there are pros and cons to hair typing. Some of the pros being that if you know you type you can search for products that are good for your hair type. Still no guarantee they will work for you but still worth the try. Also you can find styles but better suite your hair type.

However I see a lot of cons to it as well. First being the divide in the natural community due to hair typing. Along with 3c-4a hair being seen as the “ good hair” and 4c being seen as “nappy hair” I’ve seen memes on IG and FB about this. Its annoys me , women are already divided over weaves vs relaxed vs natural. And now we are separating ourselves as naturals as well. Not all naturals do this but, it is annoying when i see it. All natural hair should be celebrated and not graded.

One hair typing chart that I didn’t mind as much was the curly, coily, kinky because the hair isn’t given a grade of A to C, In school we all know we wanted that A lol, I got beat for C’s. Love your hair, no matter the type. All hair is beautiful.

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– CurlyGirl87