So you picked where destination, but how are you going to get there? Driving is always an option but for those far away locations a flight is the way to go. Too expensive ? Not always, here are tips on getting the best flight deals.

Tip 1: Book early! As early as possible. The earlier you book your flight the higher chances of getting a better deal. Book a year in advance if you can. If your booking a flight a month before vacation be prepared to pay higher prices.

Tip 2: Use more than one search engine. Kayak may have a deal that Orbitz does not.

Tip 3: Look for deals from the airlines themselves. Sometimes airlines have low fares to certain destinations.

Tip 4: Don’t go for the budget airlines such as Allegiant and Spirit, you end up paying more in fees and you would have been better off on Delta or Southwest.

Trains are an option, usually not much cheaper than flights however.

Busses are always an option and sometimes have deals for $80 round trip, this can be an option if you do not mind a very long ride.

Thanks for reading.

* For my vacation I booked my flights 7 months in advance, I will fly from Pittsburgh to Ft.Lauderdale with a layover in NYC. The round trip ticket on Delta is $184.