Trip Destinations.

Here are a list of places to consider for vacation either with family, as a couple, or solo. Plenty of fun things to do.

myrtle beach pic

Family Friendly Beaches:

1.Outer Banks:

2. Virginia Beach

3.Myrtle Beach

4. Destin FL

5.Ocean City

magic kingdom picture

Family Destinations

1.Orlando FL


3. Grand Canyon

4. Cedar Point (Personal Favorite)

5.Wasington DC

key west pic

Couples Trip/ Romatic Get Away

  1. West Palm Beach and Palm Beach Shores
  2. Key West
  3. Napa Valley
  4. San Fransisco
  5. Cape Cod

So pick a place anyplace, either one listed, or look up places that fit your specific needs. Once you have a location you need to figure out how much money will be needed to make it happen. Tomorrow’s post will be about searching for flight and hotel deals. Setting up a budget and booking your trip.

Thanks for reading.

* For my vacation I picked West Palm Beach FL.