Are you a product junkie on a budget ? Going to target for paper towels and dropping $100 on products, then crying later. Lol I’ve been there. But I have found the will power to stop. How?…

Well. I decided to order a box of hair care products to be sent to my home on a monthly basis for a monthly fee. Better then going product crazy in the store and an easy way to try out products without paying full price.

I initially wanted to get Curlbox, however there was a waiting list, I joined it and never heard anything back. I looked up other boxes and came across CurlKit, which was new to me. I decided to research the differences to decide which one to buy. Being Curlbox was more popular I wanted it more at the time.

I learned that Curlbox had bad customer service and not too many full size products( this is the option of the reviews I read). CurlKit however had many full-size products and good customer service. I bought CurlKit. My first box was a disappointment as it was a “takeover” of a product line I hate. It was a relaxer line with a new “natural” brand and the products were crap. At this point i thought I made a bad choice. However the next month I received a really heavy box with 3 Shea Moisture, full-size products and little packets as well. I love CurlKit now and my boxes so far have been great. I’m saving money paying $20 a month rather than $50 or more to try new products. I even do product swaps with my girls , to get rid of things from the kits that I do not use.