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This is the best protective style ever! In my opinion of course, lol. They are YARN BRAIDS. I have had these in for 2 months, I’ll run the pros and  cons.


1. Light weight.

2. Long Lasting

3. Cheap.

4. Little Mess

Yarn Braids are extremely light weight and easy to style. They do not put tension on the natural hair if done correctly. They can be washed and they hold moisture so your hair will not dry out in this style. I took a section down to touch up and my hair was moistened and shiny as the day it was when i put the braids in. Yarn is 5$ or less a bundle and you need one to two depending on length. Way cheaper than 5$ a bag for braiding hair and needing 6 bags.


1. Hard to dry

2. Heavy when wet

Due to yarn holding moisture its difficult to dry. It must be rung. It is also very heavy when wet and braids can slip out or down when wet. I suggest wearing in bun when swimming. Make sure to wring out then dry with blow dryer. Make sure it is COMPLETELY dry.

When trying this style use 100% Acrylic Yarn, no WOOL. Wool will lock with your hair!