Now that it’s cooler out you may want to protect your hair from the cold dry wind or just protect your head from the cold, either way a sew in can be a great way to go.

This is part 1 of the sew-in series, a 3 part series explaining the hair you should buy, who should do your sew in and the pros and cons of having one.

Picking the hair can be a daunting challenge. There is so much out there. Human, yaki, wet n’ wavy, remy, virgin , ect…

The differences :
Virgin – hair that has been taken from one doner, is cuticle correct and has never been processed in any way. It can last a year with proper care. This hair can cost upward of 200 dollars.


Remy- remy hair is hair that is cuticle correct and is made from virgin hair. However it is dyed and processed. This hair is steeply priced as well. It can range between 55 and 80 a bulk.
non virgin remy

Non remy human hairs- this hair isn’t cuticle correct which cause massive tangling and matting. It has been stripped of its cuticle, dyed and dipped in a silicone solution. It’s collection from barber shops and salons. It usually contains animal hairs and synthetic fibers as well. this hair is 20 dollars a bag.
yaki hair
When buying hair do research, cheaper is never better and you get what you pay for. I recommend virgin hair. But never buy BEAUTY SUPPLY VIRGIN REMY ITS A FAKE AND IS MIXED WITH FILLER. BE ON THE LOOKOUT FOR FAKE HAIR.FIND A TRUSTED VENDOR.