I had to cut my hair last week due to over use of heat. I had a argon oil hair straighter i used for a blow out. My hair felt like i had a relaxer it was so straight I loved it, it blew in the wind and laid nice. It was a nice change I was tired of wearing curly hair and i love to be versatile. When i decided to go back curly I washed my hair and to my horror the ends fell limb just as they did when i had a relaxer. I tired everything to revert the damage…rollers, twist, deep conditioner, even beer. Nothing helped. I was so upset i wanted to cry my hair was so ugly and was once so beautiful. I was determined to get my curls back. After research i realized there is no way to revert heat damage. So i cut it all off and I am  starting over.

It was my first big chop and i was afraid but my hair is back to its natural curls and i love it. I miss my length though and now  i am off heat forever. Versatility is nice but 2 weeks of straight hair is not worth my curls.Image